Brenton Nicolas Lewis. Born to Darren Matheus and Errica Jones(formely Lewis) August 11 1991, Is a pop culture guru, 90's Nickelodeon enthusiast , Music junkie, Influencer, Recording Artist, Artist and Social Commentator. Bizzy Brown was born in Texarkana . His immediate familly relocated to New York when he was 3. They returned to Texas in 2005. In grade school he dabbled in many creative activities to ease his restless mind and explore creative outlets. As a kid he was often in trouble at home and was troubled by household drama , experiences with his peers and an unshakable feeling of abandonment. After highschool Bizzy got into some trouble and vowed to do his best to walk the "straight and narrow" with the intent to inspire others to do the same. Eventually he tightened up his craft on a music tip and dabbled more into pop culture. In his first semester of college he realized he had a powerful voice when he stood up in class during debates and moved his class to his side .He is often regarded for his nonchalant demeanor, integrity, brass delivery, and creativity. He's spontaneous , unpredictable, witty, and doesn't hesitate to ask the tough questions to get to the truth..He's Bizzy Brown. Welcome.